Hotel History

The buildings of the former Dominican monastery, now Gustav Mahler Hotel belong, were founded during the early history of Jihlava.

First written notes about the cloister are dated in the mid 13th century. The original middle age cloister was rebuilt in a baroque-style during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Gothic elements can be found in the southern part of the Cloister´s ambit. The western part of the cloister had been designed in the baroque style, today part of the hotel facing to the street. Simultaneously in this time were the monastery refectories decorated with oval medallions - the frescoes patrons and founders of the Dominican order.

Many historical events had occured in the cloister. Among them most notably, had been the meetings held by the aristocracy that had influenced the historical movements in the Czech kingdom.

In 1781, the activities of the Dominican order in Jihlava terminated and the premises of today's hotel took military administration. The monastery was converted into a barracks, the army finally leaves the entire area until 1991

In the following years was totally destroyed monastery reconstructed in its present form, and here was located hotel, which opened to the public July 12, 1993.