The current menu of the Gustav Mahler Hotel restaurant:

Goat cheese gratinated with pepperonata (al. 1,7)
95 CZK
0,25 l
Onion soup with cheese toast (al. 1,3,7,9)
35 CZK
Main course
Rolled beef in red wine,
potato-carrot puree (al. 1,7)
200 CZK
150 g
Boar leg in cream sauce with mushrooms,
bread dumplings (al. 1,3,7)
210 CZK
150 g
Grilled pork chop with roquefort sauce,
potato rösti (al. 1,3,7)
205 CZK
300 g
Tagliatelle with chicken ragout,
prosciutto, dried tomatoes, baby spinach and parmesan (al. 1,3,7,11,12)
190 CZK
150 g
Roasted salmon fillet with roasted vegetables and Bernese sauce,
mashed potatoes (al. 1,3,7)
220 CZK

Cheesecake with fruit sauce  (al. 1,3,7)
40 CZK

 Panacota with raspberries (al. 1,3,7)
40 CZK

Allergens - will tell you service on request. Unfortunatelly, half of the meal can not be served.

We wish you a good taste!